Tame  the  beast


Wake up at 8 AM EST

Wait for twitter link...

Finally! Click on twitter link...

Click add to cart

Waiting in line...


We all know the feeling. And thats why were here to help

Bot Beast offers you the best chance to get your shoes on release day. All shoes are authentic and brand new in box from nike.com. We are a cheap, affordable service; thats here to help.


1. Buy a bot from our site

2. We will enter your information into our system

3. You should receive an email giving you all the login information you need.

4. Log in to the monitor about 15 minutes before the release time of the shoe your trying to obtain

5. Start your bot. (We recommend you do this 5-10 minutes before the release)

6. Sit Back, Relax, and Let the bot do the work.

*You are not purchasing the actual shoe, you are purchasing a guarantee in-cart fee.

terms and Conditions

1. You have 72 hours to submit a refund from the time of the release.  

2.  If you are requesting a refund for any reason other than the shoe not being added to your cart (i.e., canceling your order), you will be charged 3% to cover the costs of credit card processing fees. Also on some releases your may be charged a 2-7 dollar service fee depending on the release.

3.  If the shoe is added to your cart, and you do not check out you will not be refunded.

4.  The latest you can cancel a order is a full 72 hours before the release.

5.  You are not buying the actual shoe, you are just paying for a the link sniper

6. This does not guarantee you the shoe, until gives you a better chance.

7. You must provide video proof of the bot failing, if you wish to get a refund.

8. No Video= No refund.

9. The refund we offer, is the refund you get. (There is no asking for an alternative refund)

​10. The refund policy is shown once you click order now. (If none is shown then it is 100% refund if not added to cart.)